Visitors to the Turandot performances at the Forbidden City were offered all kinds of diversion - before the performance and during the intermissions, many refreshment stands and bars will be available; afterwards, they were able to join the artists for a gala dinner.

The venue - The People's Cultural Palace - is surrounded by a complex of gardens and atmospheric palatial buildings featuring salons of various sizes.

We recommended taking a leisurely stroll through the grounds, thus being able to immerse oneself in this unique atmosphere before the performance. The weather in September in Beijing is generally mild and dry. Small bars located throughout the area and in some of the salons provide exclusive refreshments.

International companies found this an ideal ambiance in which to entertain and extend their contacts to their Chinese business partners. Some companies took the opportunity of reserving individual salons or entire wings of the palace as venues for private receptions and cocktails in which to welcome their guests.

After the final curtain fell, the main doors of the palace opened and those who reserved places for the gala dinner, were able to enjoy a banquet with some of the world's greatest artists, thus rounding off an unforgettable evening and a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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